Q: What is Scuttlers?

A: Scuttlers is a 3D Multiplayer Platform game where you can play as two different roles. The Runners have to get from start to finish as fast as possible, while the Leader can use abilities (meteors, mines, ...) to stop them.

Q: When will Scuttlers be released?

A: September 15, 2017.

Q: Where will I be able to buy Scuttlers?

A: We are planning to release on Steam.

Q: How much will Scuttlers cost?

A: During Early Access, Scuttlers will be on sale for €4.99 (or your regional equivalent). After the full release we will increase the price.

Q: What OS will Scuttlers work on?

A: Scuttlers is being developed in Unity3D, for Windows. Unity3D can export to Linux and macOS as well, but we will look into that first to make sure it works perfectly. So no promises.

Q: Will the game feature microtransactions?

A: All features, including all cosmetics, will be 100% attainable without any extra purchases. We will offer a way to purchase cosmetic items seperately, but in no way will they ever grant any in-game advantage. Again, this will only be the case for cosmetic items, and you can attain them by playing as well. Gameplay features will never be sold seperately, and all buyers will recieve lifetime updates for free.