The Saga Continues

Development Blog ⋅ June 21, 2017

The Saga Continues

Ah, June. The weather's great, the birds are chittering, and all students have to study for their exams. Unfortunately, that included us. However, now that that's out of the way, we can continue our focus on Scuttlers, as well as our weekly blog posts. This time, we'll discuss a new ability, scenery elements, and our Official Scuttlers Discord Server.


The single most important thing when creating a (multiplayer) game, is the community. While the game has not been released yet, we would like to hear your thoughts already. It's never too early for feedback, and all suggestions are welcome. We are also looking for a few more Alpha Testers, so if you want to apply, our Discord server is the place to be!

You can join our server by following this link: See you there!

Clicking the image also works. Technology!

Bamboozle Platform

As stated before, we will be gradually adding more and more abilities, so that players can customize their loadout and choose the abilities he/she prefers. Our newest ability, Bamboozle Platform, enables the leader to select a platform. This platform will, after a small delay, completely disappear for a few seconds.

Creating a gap with Bamboozle Platform

Tactical usage, such as blocking a player from reaching a checkpoint, or removing a platform under a series of obstacles, will be the main idea behind Bamboozle Platform. Runners won't have the time to deal with a disappearing platform when they are already busy dodging other obstacles, and that's exactly why you'll cast the ability.


To add some more life to our maps, we decided to not only add scenery around the platforms, but also ON them. We've placed some chests, barrels, and signposts along the road to make for a more believable experience.

Some of the models we've added along the track

The lobby has quite the stack of crates and barrels

Next week, we'll take a look at some more customization features, and if all goes according to plan, the Ability Loadout System.

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Scuttlers Development Blog ⋅ June 21, 2017