Patch 0.2

Patch Notes ⋅ May 31, 2017

New Content

The Customization System.

Players can now unlock and equip various cosmetic accessories, such as hats, helms, swords, shields, capes and more! For the complete overview of the customization system, check out our Dev Blog!

A small selection of the available cosmetics

Other Changes

  • We've rearranged the main menu to make room for the new cosmetics features. Statistics and Customization can now both be found under "Profile", and a "Store" button has been added to the main menu.
  • All low-resolution ability icons have been updated to be more crisp.
  • The camera in the main menu has been moved to a prettier spot.
  • As part of the Customization Update, the character armature has been adjusted so that the Scuttlers have a better posture and have reduced clipping.
  • The Depth of Field effect has been slightly tweaked.
  • Non-essential particles are no longer rendered on lower quality settings.
  • You can now reset the controls to the default controls.
  • We've added some crates, barrels and arrow signs to all maps.
  • Connecting to a server now happens through a pretty new menu.
  • The finish has a new pretty model!


  • Fixed a bunch of network disconnection issues.
  • Menus now scale correctly on wide aspect ratios.
  • Standing on the edge of a platform no longer performs a falling animation.
  • The escape menu now properly darkens the screen.

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Patch Notes ⋅ May 1, 2017