Patch 0.6

Patch Notes ⋅ October 6, 2017

New Content


Do these really need an introduction? Doing noticable things will give you achievements. Achievements give points, the more difficult the achievement, the more points you'll get. We'll be introducing rewards for reaching certain amounts of points, but aren't really sure yet about what we could give (apart from SP and EXP). We will expand on this later.

Achievements with their shiny icons!

All achievements have also been added as Steam Achievements, so you'll unlock them there as well!

These are included too, of course!

We'd like to hear what kind of rewards you would like to see from the Achievement System, so please let us know! You can always join in on our Discord by clicking here!

Other Changes

  • A bunch of new Steam Currencies have been added, and some have had their prices lowered to adjust to the new Steam Currency Updates.

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Patch Notes ⋅ October 6, 2017