Patch 0.6.1

Patch Notes ⋅ October 13, 2017

Hi there! This patch is going to be a smaller one. With some of our efforts going towards the upcoming new environment, we had to cut back on updates this week. We're also still thinking about a nice way to reward people for earning achievements, so that will probably happen next week. Either way, enjoy!

New Accessories

  • Common: Moustaches (5 colors)

To the person who requested this: here you go!

Other Changes

  • We've added an extra hidden achievement.
  • 5 New easter eggs have been added, so let the hunt begin!
  • We automatically receive error logs, making it easier to detect and fix other bugs.


  • Taking damage while shielded no longer shows a damage popup number.
  • Some of the tooltips were not scaling correctly, making them clip the edge of the screen. This has now been fixed.

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Patch Notes ⋅ October 13, 2017