Navigate to the finish

Race your friends over multiple rounds, avoiding obstacles like saws, pendulums, and more!.
Each race grants points based on how fast you were and brings you one step closer to victory!

Cause absolute mayhem

Each round, one of the players is assigned the Leader role.
This grants you an overview over all other players, and lets you cast Abilities, ranging from meteors to birds and from wind gusts to mines, creating utter chaos and hindering everyone else from reaching the end!

Powerup Crystals

Crystals are scattered throughout the map. Pick them up for shields, speedboosts, and more! Some crystals won't be found on the main road, so it's up to you to decide if they are worth making a detour for.

Customize your character

Unlock accessories by playing and customize your character! Collect the rarest items to become the most fabulous Scuttler the world has ever seen.