The Customization System

Development Blog ⋅ May 10, 2017

The Customization System

Together with the alpha testers, we've made a lot of progress fixing bugs and polishing the features. With everyone content, we are almost ready to release Alpha 0.2. Okay, so what's new? Previously, the only available customization were a few colors. Scuttlers Alpha 0.2 completely changes that by introducing the complete Character Customization System. Here's how it works.


Let's start off with the main attraction: accessories. Accessories allow you to really customize your character. There are caps, mohawks, crowns, helmets, and more! The current batch includes 20 accessories, serving as a small base to test the system. In the coming updates, we will add more accessories (LOTS more, seriously), further increasing the possibilities.

A selection of the new accessories

Accessories are purely cosmetic, so they do not increase your odds of winning (unless maybe your opponents get distracted by that fabulous pink afro). However, future accessories can include custom animations, or even emotes, so you can really show off!

A scuttler wearing one of the new helmets


Of course, accessories must be unlocked. At the end of every game you play, you are awarded Scuttle Points. These points can be used to open chests, giving you a random accessory. Accessories have different levels of rarity, following the usual standard: Common, Rare, Epic and finally Legendary. Epic and Legendary items will feature custom animations, particles, soundeffects, and more, to really make them stand out.

Opening a chest

That concludes our overview of the Character Customization System. See you!

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Scuttlers Development Blog ⋅ May 10, 2017