Patch 0.3

Patch Notes ⋅ June 26, 2017

New Content

New Ability: Bamboozle Platform

After a small (1.5s) delay, a targeted platform is disabled for 3 seconds.

The new Bamboozle Platform ability

New Ability: Ice Roots

Ice forms around all players. After 1.5s, all players that are not currently in the air, are snared for 2.5 seconds and dealt 25 damage.

The new Ice Roots ability

The Loadout System

To accomodate for lots of different abilities, we've implemented a system that lets you choose 6 of your unlocked abilities that you will be able to use during the game. As you gain experience by playing games, you'll unlock new abilities. For more info, check out our Dev Blog!

The Loadout Menu

Other Changes

  • The leader score now shows x/1000 instead of just x.
  • The screen will now display a red border on taking damage. This can be toggled in the gameplay settings menu.
  • The name field in the Create Server menu is now focused when entering the menu.
  • The server table now automatically refreshes upon load.
  • You can now press Enter in the Create Server menu to create the server.
  • The animation speed while running now scales with movement speed.


  • Some visual issues in the server menu have been fixed.
  • The lobby scoreboard now updates correctly when players join or leave.
  • You now automatically leave the lobby if the host disconnects.
  • Creating a new lobby after exiting the previous one now works correctly.
  • Healthbars and playernames now correctly update when a player leaves.

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Patch Notes ⋅ June 26, 2017