Patch 0.5.2

Patch Notes ⋅ September 29, 2017

New Content

Solo Challenges: Leaderboards

To complement last week's update, we've added leaderboards to the Solo Challenges, so you can compare your score with everyone else! At first, all players will be listed as "Anonymous", because we're still in process of saving the player names on the server. This means that over time, the names will become visible as well.

Clarity Updates

This week's update also features some features that will help with making things more clear. To start off, we've added help messages in some places. These messages will explain things that may not be 100% clear. You can disable them in the settings menu.

You can disable these messages in the settings menu.

Damage numbers are now also a thing. Meaning you'll see a red number pop up telling you how much damage you took. These numbers also pop up in different colors for when you're healed or when you get extra points from a powerup.


Finally, we've added a message that pops up when you finish in a multiplayer game, telling you you've finished and that we're waiting for the other players to finish.

Other Changes

  • Servers that are in-game are no longer listed in the server table.
  • You can now press backspace to respawn in solo challenges.
  • Exitting during a solo challenge now brings you back to the solo challenge overview.
  • Exitting during a multiplayer game now brings you back to the server table.
  • The chat is now disabled in solo challenges.
  • Solo challenges no longer end when you have 0 score.


Note: these also include the things that were fixed during the 25/09 hotfix.

  • Some sync issues have been fixed.
  • Removed the Discord button until we find a better way to do this.
  • Fixed a bug that caused solo games on a multiplayer server to give the wrong amount of points.
  • Some small UI errors have been fixed.
  • Accessories should now load correctly for everyone.

The Scuttlers Dev Team

Patch Notes ⋅ September 29, 2017